About us

Aladdin combines the skills and experience of experts in finance and the short-term insurance industry with software development expertise and the latest technology.

Aladdin’s founding team consists of chartered accountants that have extensive experience in the short-term insurance industry and relevant development and project management expertise.

We provide an innovative software solution that brings real business benefits to companies that operate in the highly competitive insurance industry.

The system allows insurance companies, their administrators and brokers to optimise operations via customisable workflow processes and decision rules that cut staff and related costs through process automation. The accompanying no-code configuration tool allows business users to set up custom products and processes themselves to shorten product development cycles and increase agility.

The architecture is designed around a single web service to facilitate easy integration with existing business systems and allows multiple front-end applications and parties in the insurance value chain to use the same system from any location that has access to the Internet. This includes the ability to offer full quote and bind self-service to brokers and insureds.

The system features an integrated database that links financial, workflow and insurance-technical information on the lowest possible level to provide management with richer data mining for optimal product pricing and operational efficiencies and to comply with emerging statutory requirements.

Our technology has been implemented and proven at a number of South African blue-chip companies, including Lloyds coverholders and the insurance subsidiaries of three listed groups.

Aladdin software

Why choose us?

The Aladdin system has been designed by insurance experts for companies in the industry. You can rest assured that the system is supported by people that are experienced and understand your business perogatives.

Aladdin is built on a modern and reliable enterprise platform supported by Microsoft. The system's service orientated architecture facilitates integration and allows for scaling of operations.

The system was designed from inception to allow for rapid deployment. It can be set up, configured and ready in a matter of weeks, allowing you to quickly launch new product lines and/or distribution channels.

We have experience with the migration of existing policies from legacy systems to Aladdin and putting interfaces to existing business systems in place.

The Aladdin system has been implemented at a number of leading insurance companies and administrators, including Lloyds coverholders and the insurance subsidiaries of three listed groups.

The technology has been proven in production environments for more than ten years, with our clients consistently reaping the benefits of increased profitability.


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