Bank integration

Bank integration

In this fast-paced global community, your system needs to support your business in achieving its ultimate strategy. This can be as simple as enabling your employees to be as efficient as possible.

Aladdin software integrates with Hyphen, our preferred payment gateway provider, automatically uploading your bank statements daily into the system. This simplifies the bank reconciliation process as you are able to reconcile actual transactions with expected transactions in near real-time and it saves time by eliminating the need to obtain bank statements directly from your respective bank;

Updating a client or supplier’s bank details on the Aladdin system? By selecting the applicable bank, Aladdin will instantly update the generic branch code for you and in case you miss a digit in the account number, Aladdin validates the number according to the rules of the different banks to alert you to the issue before any payments or collections are made to or from the updated account.

Aladdin is committed to improving the way you do business and save you time in the process.

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