Ensure unique records: CIPC integration

Ensure unique records: CIPC integration

As with most things in life, a unique identifier is needed in order to be sure the correct records are being viewed or amended, instead of someone’s with a similar name. Having the correct ID number or company registration number for your client records, is thus of utmost importance.

Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, or CIPC for short, has an e-service that allows you to look up and validate company information against their database. This e-service is integrated with Aladdin, allowing for the easy search of company registration numbers.

Aladdin CIPC

As in the example above, a partial company name can be searched from the Aladdin front-end and any matching results will be retrieved and displayed within seconds, so you can choose the relevant one to work with.

If you are concerned about the validity of your client records, contact us for a smart integrated system.